Technology offer from SunBilt who follows closely the competition and developments in the green energy sector.

Smart Flower

Inspired by the power and aesthetics of nature, Smart Flower has received numerous design awards. Like a sunflower, it follows the sun throughout the day and with its high-tech panels, it receives maximum light from the sun and is 40% more efficient than the stable green energy solutions. It opens its leaves with sunrise and closes them at sunset while cleaning its parts automatically every day. In doing so it provides an additional 5% efficiency compared to other systems.

Energy Glasses

Bifacial Glass Technology

Thanks to the panels not only on the upper side but also on the lower side of Bifacial glasses, the square meter/KW generated from sunlight and heat is much more than the standard glass. Due to its light weight, it reduces the transportation and installation costs and puts much less weight on the roof than the standard glass.

Photovoltaic Glasses

Photovoltaic glass, which is a new technology, enables vertical solar energy generation. It produces more stable and long-term energy from sunlight than any other green technology product. Even when there is no direct sunlight, it continues to generate energy by capturing the solar beams thanks to the organic materials in it. While generating energy, it presents a decorative look in homes with different colour options.

Zero Emission

Zero Emission is a new technology that is the result of the synergy of photovoltaic technology and SSG non-profiled glass technology, which is used to obtain elegant and decorative appearance. It combines the elegance of SSG glasses and the performance of photovoltaic glasses.

High Tech Glasses

It keeps the sunbeams outdoors in the summer and indoors in the winter. Thanks to its technology, it keeps 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays out, while reflecting back the sun’s burning effects 90%. Since it is transparent like normal glass, it allows the interior to be illuminated by natural sunlight while providing protection.

Solar Roof Tiles

High-end technology products manufacturer Tesla, to contribute to the use of green energy, developed this technology. It is more durable than conventional roof systems and its insulation is more developed. In addition, it looks much more aesthetic than ordinary roofs.

Crystallized Energy

This green energy solution, which is buried up to a meter below the ground, does not take up any space in your home or garden. Unlike other products, it doesn’t need sunlight as it can generate high energy only with rain or tap water.

Heat Pump

The high-quality heat pumps we use, heats and cools the interior spaces with the energy they receive from our green energy products.


The new generation of lithium batteries that we use requires much lower maintenance costs than nickel batteries and their discharge rates are 50% lower. With our high-quality batteries that store the energy we produce from green energy products, even the high current devices can be used with confidence.