You can find below the details of our successful projects.

Dance Center, Langenthal

Thanks to the easy applicability of this technology to every structure and our meticulous work; the smart design high-tech aluminium and glass panels of Dance Center Langenthal, the largest dance school in Switzerland, have been built without interrupting the on-going education. Moreover, the application cost was reduced by 40% compared to the earlier systems.

Detached House, Bern

We have meticulously expanded the area up to 250 square meters without causing any damage to the historical texture of the building. Despite the expansion, thanks to our new green energy technology, we have reduced the energy consumption by 40% compared to the earlier state of the building.

Miami International Airport

With an annual average of 45 million passengers, Miami International Airport is one the busiest airports of the world and its energy are provided by our technology with our marvellous glasses. Thanks to the special chemical contained in the glass, it does not stain, therefore eliminates the dangerous and demanding cleaning work. While it eliminates the sun’s harmful UV rays by 99%, it also prevents the rays from entering by 90%. There is no need for any kind of screening or shading.

Bärenplatz, Bern

Located across the parliament building on the Bern Square, in the Swiss capital; the area measuring 6×100 meters, is the largest winter garden in the country. The monolithic glass sliding door, which was one of the first examples in the world at the time of construction, has been built from steel, using the maximum degree of chromium, and it presents both elegance and durability at the same time. The owner of this technology DORMA Company and the glass carrier chromium system owner Thyssenkrupp Inc. are our solution partners in our worldwide business network.

Nemeth Automobile

The gallery on the second floor of the main gallery, where the selling of the magnificent Ferrari cars is made, is 5 meters above the ground and built with our high-tech glass weighing 3 tons per square meter. Since the high weight-resistant glass is supported by the zigzag-shaped steel construction, no columns were needed in the lower floor. Therefore the entire showroom in the lower floor is used to display the vehicles in a large and spacious manner.

World Trade Center, New York

The high-quality glasses of a variety of skyscrapers on the Manhattan peninsula were built by SunBilt, which was established in 1906. The famous World Trade Center is one of them. In addition, Empire State and Chrysler skyscrapers, which are some of the most important symbols of the peninsula and New York, have both chosen our company.

Music Pavilion

Music Pavilion, a music school and a dance academy, uses our high-tech glasses, which are soundproof up to 64 decibels. Besides, no matter how hot it is outside, our high technology will heat up to a maximum of 26 degrees. Not only our product maintains the temperature ratio at the ideal level, it also guarantees to keep the internal humidity rate at 40% – 45%, which is the most convenient ratio for human skin. The entire glass is made of organic materials on the whole and free of plastics. Non-profiled insulated glass is used to make it look aesthetically satisfying.

Summer House Akbük

Located in the southern Turkey, the holiday resort Akbük is renowned with its hot climate, which reaches 40 degrees in summer. Thanks to SunBilt high-tech products, the thermal insulation of the house has been constructed perfectly and the temperature of the interior is ensured to remain stable, regardless of the outside weather. Our high-tech glass provides protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays by 99% and it also prevents the rays from entering inside by 90%. While providing all this protection, it allows daylight to permeate just like normal windows. There is no need for any kind of screening or shading. Throughout this summerhouse, SunBilt green energy products are used.