You can find information about the current projects of our company below.

+Energy Villa Langenthal

The Villa project, executed by SunBilt on turnkey basis, is being constructed with the philosophy of the +Energy, that is to say, it generates more energy than it consumes. In addition to focusing on generating green and +Energy, all construction materials are selected to keep the heat insulation at the highest level in order to use the energy generated in the most economical way. The winter garden, which is built with high-tech glasses, is planned to keep the sun outside in the summer and to let the sun inside in the winter. Following the developments in the sector closely, SunBilt uses the following green energy technologies for this project.

  • By using solar powered tiles produced by Tesla, which are much more durable and elegant than standard tiles, it is aimed to generate the highest amount of energy from sunlight.

  • By using Bifacial glasses that provide more energy than standard solar panels on the roof of the elegant pergola located next to the swimming pool, it is planned to obtain energy from every possible area.

  • The Smart Flower that will be placed in the garden is designed with an inspiration taken from the power and aesthetics of nature. With the Smart Flower, it is planned to generate maximum amount of energy by following the most appropriate angle of the sun throughout the day.

  • For storing and utilising the generated energy whenever needed, high quality lithium batteries are preferred.

+Energy Glasscube 276

For Glasscube 276, a thermal health centre project, the philosophy of the +Energy, that is generating more energy than it consumes, is used. In this project, it is planned for customers to benefit not only from the health services but also to fulfil all their social needs such as shopping, personal care, art, restaurants serving culinary of the world.

The glass to be used in the project is a new technology product, Zero Emission, which is obtained by combining photovoltaic technology with non-profiled SSG glasses, which is also much more decorative and elegant than standard glasses. Google prefers these types of glasses for its business centres. In accordance with our global business approach, all of the products to be used are selected by our expert engineers who conducted necessary researches in more than 15 countries to determine low-cost and high-quality products.


The Atlantis Life Continent project, which is planned to be built on a large area of 30,000 square meters, is a magnificent project with its futuristic architectural understanding, planned for those who want to live the future today. Designed as a self-contained project; it is planned to produce everything necessary such as energy, water, food by itself without being dependent on the outside sources. Vegetables and fruits are to be cultivated by hydro farming technology, and nutritionists in order for crops to contain the necessary vitamins and minerals will check them regularly.

In the Atlantis Living Continent project, the single-person minimalist container houses, villas and an elderly nursing home for the creation of appropriate living space for everyone from 7 to 70 are considered. With its energy library, which mimics the Pyramids, cultural centre and many social areas, Atlantis will provide its guests with the highest quality of life in the world of the future.

The philosophy of the Atlantis project is to bring people to fulfilment in terms of their soul, mind and body in every sense, in accordance with the healthy and balanced life norms obtained from scientific research results.